What is Esotericism?

Esotericism is a belief system that believes in hidden truths, revealed only to those who have undergone a certain initiation and training. Esotericists believe that these truths can be discovered through spiritual or magical practices, and often seek contact with otherworldly beings or entities. Esotericists believe in a variety of concepts such as reincarnation, magic, astrology, alchemy and divination.

Esotericism is an Umbrella Term Used to Define the Beliefs and Practices of Groups Who Claim Access to the Sacred or Divine Truths Which are the Ultimate Reality.

Esotericism is an umbrella term used to define the beliefs and practices of groups who claim access to the sacred or divine truths which are the ultimate reality. These “truths” are often said to be hidden from the public, and can only be accessed through special means such as meditation, ritual and/or study of ancient texts.

Esoteric knowledge is not shared with outsiders; rather it is taught within an initiatory setting (such as a secret society) by a teacher who has already been initiated into that knowledge themselves. Esoteric schools may also be referred to as mystery schools or brotherhoods depending on their structure and purpose.

Esotericists believe that their teachings are universal in nature rather than being limited only for one group.

Esotericists Believe That These Truths Can Be Discovered Through Spiritual or Magical Practices, and Often Seek Contact with Otherworldly Beings or Entities.

Esotericists believe that these truths can be discovered through spiritual or magical practices, and often seek contact with otherworldly beings or entities. Esotericists may believe in a variety of concepts including reincarnation, magic, astrology and alchemy.

They may also hold beliefs about human evolution and the origin of the universe which are not supported by scientific evidence. For example: some esotericists believe that humans were created by extraterrestrials; others claim that they have been on Earth since its creation but were hidden from view until recently (this is called Hollow Earth Theory). Some esotericists have claimed contact with aliens who told them these things happened; however there is no evidence supporting any of these claims so far – only anecdotal stories from people claiming to be “experiencers” who have had encounters with aliens but cannot prove their experiences actually happened outside of their own heads!

Esotericists Believe in a Variety of Concepts such as Reincarnation, Magic, Astrology, Alchemy and Divination.

Esotericists believe in a variety of concepts, including reincarnation and magic.

Reincarnation is the belief that the soul can be reborn in a new body after death. This may happen many times before one’s spirit reaches perfection and ascends to heaven or hell (depending on their beliefs).

Magic is the use of rituals and spells to achieve supernatural effects, such as controlling events or people’s minds; astrology is another pseudoscience based on astrological signs affecting human affairs

Esotericism is a Belief System Based on Hidden Knowledge

Esotericism is a belief system based on hidden knowledge.

Esotericism can be defined as any system of thought or practice that claims to derive its authority from secret knowledge or communication with an ultimate reality (or realities) not generally accessible to the public at large. Esotericism has been defined as “the study of esotericism”, which has also been called “esoteric studies”. It consists of multiple subjects including astrology, alchemy, spiritualism and occultism. In many instances these were practiced in secrecy for fear that they would be persecuted by religious authorities if discovered. (ICEMS)

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