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Nataraj Breath Healing Attunement

Who is Nataraj ?

Nataraj is a significant figure in Hindu mythology, and is considered one of the many manifestations of Lord Shiva, the God of Destruction. The word “Nataraj” is derived from the Sanskrit words “Nata” which means dance and “Raja” which means king, thus making Nataraj the “King of Dance.”

Nataraj is depicted as a four-armed figure dancing on a pedestal of flames, surrounded by a circle or ring of fire. One of his arms is raised in the air, holding a drum, while another is bent at the elbow with his hand pointing towards his foot. The remaining two arms hold a flame and a lotus respectively.

The dance of Nataraj is believed to represent the cosmic cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction. The drum he holds represents the sound that started the creation of the universe, while the flame in his other hand represents the destruction that must eventually come to all things. The lotus in his third hand symbolizes the purity of the soul, while his fourth hand is pointing towards his foot, signifying the path to salvation.

Nataraj’s dance is also believed to represent the five elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The circle of fire that surrounds him represents the universe, and his dancing within it symbolizes the continuous cycle of creation and destruction that exists within the cosmos.

Nataraj is revered by many Hindus, particularly those who follow the Shaivism tradition. His image can be found in many temples throughout India, and his dance is celebrated annually in the festival of Maha Shivaratri.

In modern times, Nataraj’s image has become a popular symbol of Indian culture and spirituality. His depiction has been used in many different contexts, from yoga studios to book covers to corporate logos. Nataraj’s dance continues to inspire people around the world, reminding them of the cyclical nature of life and the importance of finding balance between creation and destruction.

What is Nataraj Breath Healing Attunement ?
The Nataraj Breath Healing Attunement is a profound energy healing modality that was channeled to heal and transform the mind, body, and spirit by removing energy blockages. It draws upon the powerful energy of Nataraj, the cosmic dancer, to bring about a state of balance and harmony within oneself.

Nataraj, the embodiment of Lord Shiva, represents the cyclical nature of life and the interconnectedness of all things. His dance symbolizes the eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, and the five elements of nature that sustain life. By invoking Nataraj’s energy through the Nataraj Breath Healing Attunement, one can tap into this cosmic energy and experience profound healing and transformation.

The Nataraj Breath Healing Attunement is a gentle, non-invasive energy healing modality that can be performed in person or remotely. It can help to release emotional and physical trauma, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall health and well-being. In addition, it can awaken spiritual awareness and help one connect with their higher self, leading to a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Through the practice of the Nataraj Breath Healing Attunement, one can achieve a state of inner peace and harmony, and experience a deeper connection with the universe and all living beings. It is a powerful tool for those seeking to heal and transform themselves on a spiritual level, and to awaken to the profound mysteries of the cosmos.

Nataraj Breath Healing Attunement

USD $70

You will receive: A digital English translation PDF manual delivered by Email ; Distant attunement service ; Digital Pdf Certificate.

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